Creating Emails Your Customers will love! Part II

This blog is the second in our series Creating Emails your Customers will Love. Our last post focused on segmentation, this time we look at Keeping it Real! We all know that genuine communications are the most engaging, so a key to writing great emails is To Keep It Real.


Some key principles to help you achieve that, include:


a) Keep your language conversational, easy to read and with personality. Keep your tone consistent (and in line with your brand values) so readers can develop a rapport with you, and your brand. A key tip to help your writing style is rather than trying to write to all your readers at once, consider instead, that you are writing  to just one reader – one who typifies the type of customer you’d most like to resonate with. Chances are, when you write with this one specific person in mind, you’ll not only find it easier and faster to put together your content, but it’ll be more interesting and personable too.


b) Send your communications from a named email address. Readers are more likely to open an email from Joe Bloggs at Innovative e-Marketing, than they are to simply open an email from Innovative e-Marketing or info at Innovative e-Marketing. And to further build that trust, always use the same email address when sending these communications so recipients will recognize the email when it arrives in their inbox.


c) Enable your readers to easily reply to your email if they wish. Here at DoubleShot, we’re always surprised when we receive emails from companies that include copy (usually right at the top!)  such as: “Please do not reply to this email”. Really? You’re not actually interested in hearing from me, your customer?


d) Keeping it real, also means being clear to your reader about what you’re offering them in your communication. Make your calls to action prominent and accessible. And that also includes your ‘unsubscribe link’. If people no longer wish to receive mail from you, make it clear and easy for them to unsubscribe. This will minimize frustration from your recipients, and help you to maintain an up to date and more valuable marketing list.


Keeping these guidelines in mind will help you create genuine emails that your customers will love!

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