Creating Emails Your Customers Will Love – Part III

WIIFM – Creating Emails Your Customers Will Love
Our third blog post in our series ‘Creating Emails Your Customers will Love’ focusses on the WIIFM principle – What’s In It for Me?
Your email recipients have kindly granted you permission to email them and they did so because they believed there would be something in it for them; they are counting on a mutual exchange of value -their email address for your content. As marketers, we need to respect the permission they’ve granted, and the time and attention that we’re seeking from them. And in return, deliver our email subscribers something of value – each, and every time we get in touch.
Identifying the What’s In It For Me (WIIFM) factor can be difficult; it’s often tempting to push promotional content, however that really only serves the needs of the marketer, and not the recipient. To extract the WIIFM, you must consider the needs of your audience – step in their shoes, what can you offer that will better serve them, and ideally take them a step closer to buying or connecting with you. The goal is to deliver your readers content of real value, that’s also engaging and relevant. Value can be intrinsic eg content that is informative or entertaining, or the value can be explicit eg special promotions, discounts or offers. Segmenting your audience into different customer groups is a great strategy to help you to deliver relevant and valuable content, as you can tailor your communications according to different audience needs. Learn more about segmentation in our earlier blog post.
Unfortunately Email Overload and Inbox Fatigue are an all too real occurrence, and if your messages aren’t offering your recipient something of value, they’re likely to become ignored.

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