Why is Storytelling such a hot topic with marketers?

Storytelling offers information, either factual or embellished, with a narrative, to communicate a message to the audience. Many marketers find this a valuable technique to communicate, developing a stronger customer relationship that can further build customer retention.


What’s the secret behind storytelling’s success?
Stories are memorable and make receiving messages easier. We are captivated by stories, from bedtime fairy tales to our favourite films to ones our friends have shared with us. Stories are a great vehicle for demonstrating experiences. It’s said that we’ll retain approximately 70% of the information we’re told via a story! Effective storytelling within the marketing mix, provides an intimate brand experience for the consumer, developing emotions and enhancing feelings. Providing this emotional connection with the audience supports the persuasiveness of the message and can further build the brand’s image. Since the introduction of this trend in marketing, Airbnb, Google, Huggies and IBM have all implemented and enjoyed great success from their storytelling strategies.


Stories build prospects into life-long customers
Storytelling has been used extensively in advertising videos and traditional television commercials for many years.  However, storytelling is also a valuable strategy in content marketeing to bring identities to products and services and build brand awareness and equity. As customers, we typically use feelings over facts or statistics for evaluating a company. These feelings influence our decisions for creating future relationships with a brand. With many consumers having become sceptical of brands, marketers are now implementing stories to drive connections and even counter these misconceptions. When constructed with the targeted consumer in mind, stories can establish both emotional connections and shared values between the brand and its audience. These shared values can be a key factor in shaping a positive brand perception by the customer.


Staff love stories too!
Storytelling is not purely for external marketing; having proven successful in sustaining a strong internal culture too. Stories can be used to support the driving strong organizational cultures. When emotional connections are created internally, it can increase work ethics and staff loyalty. Stories can be a useful technique for internal content marketing; communicating to employees the company’s values and missions and ensuring staff feel secure within the organisation.


By Kate Mann

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