Why the rise in Outsource Marketing?

Outsourcing marketing enables companies to concentrate on what they do best. For many companies their key competencies lie outside of marketing, perhaps in operations, product development, or customer service. Outsourcing or contracting enables firms to quickly and cost effectively gain expertise where it’s lacking. Companies may choose to outsource their full marketing function to an external provider, or simple engage a Marketing Consultant to help drive their in-house marketing operations.


Through outsourcing, companies not only gain specialised skills, expertise and experience, but also a very valuable external perspective and view point. And usually outsourcing allows firms to gain access to these highly skilled resources at a fraction of their typical cost.


Outsourcing offers real benefit to companies experiencing high growth as it enables extra resources to be added faster, and with less cost and commitment than traditional methods. Getting to market quickly with a new offer or product can be difficult when inhouse resources are light. Contracting or outsourcing enables firms to quickly add resource without the delays and costs usually associated with recruiting and training.


Engaging a Senior Marketing Consultant to offer strategic advice and support to an in-house junior marketing team or staff member, is a cost effective way of adding the expertise of a Marketing Director, without the cost.


And of course, another appealing factor for engaging external Marketing Consultants is the ability for businesses to scale their investment up and down, as demand dictates allowing tighter reigns over their operational budgets.

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